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Shashank Sinha, MD

Council Co-chair

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David Berg, MD MPH

Council Co-chair

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The Research

Council will be tasked with identifying important areas of investigation, collaborating with existing research groups, registries, and biobanks, as well as developing future research resources. This Council will engage researchers, clinicians, industry partners, and funding agencies to promote research funding, grants, and scholarships for critical care cardiology research. The Council shall promote and support research mentorship for Society members.


Below is a curated collection of registries and research-oriented resources tailored specifically to cardiac critical care.

AHA Logo

AHA Cardiogenic Shock Registry

Created by the AHA, CSR aims to collect real-time data from acute care hospitals with the to empower clinicians and researchers with insights on optimal treatment for cardiogenic shock

Visit website for more information


Cardiogenic Shock Working Group

CSWG gathers de-identified clinical data from the medical records and follow-up calls of CS patients across various institutions to a single centralized registry.


Critical Care Cardiology Trials Network

Coordinated by the TIMI Study Group, CCCTN is a global research network with a mission to conduct observational and clinical trials in the field of critical care cardiology. 

Visit website for more information


NHLBI Biologic Specimen and Data Repositories Information Coordinating Center (BioLINCC)

BioLincc aims to streamline access and enhance the scientific potential of the Biorepository and Data Repositorie

Visit website for more information

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